Amiri – Dukes

Having lived on the island for 18 years and bought and sold properties for myself & our family I know how tricky and time consuming it can be. The main objectives of the company is to help and support clients wanting to buy or sell properties or land in Ibiza.

Amiri – Dukes consultancy can offer local island resident knowledge, support of legal contacts and expertise within these key areas allowing us to overcome any hurdles should they arise, ensuring the sale of the property or land is a smooth stress free experience for both the buyers and the sellers, regardless of their current locations across the globe.

Buyer & Seller support Services.

Obtaining required documents in order to ensure that the buyers are accepted by lending providers. Providing peace of mind that the property or land of interest is all above board & complies with all legal & regulatory requirements.

Military certificate, Energy certificate, Cedula ( New one or renewal), Certificate Antiquidad, Certificate Historical, Non infraction certificate, Fin de obra, License de obra, Poder – for buyer or seller, NIE, TIE, Tourist license, Nota Simple, Copy of Topography.

The second core part of the business Interior Design.

Once the client has the keys in their hands I can begin to design a perfectly tailored scheme for the residential or commercial use of the property. Catering for a diverse range of clients from boutique hotel rooms, local cottages, local shops, quaint apartments, family homes, holiday homes & luxurious rental Villas.

Project Management

To ensure that all is executed as planned throughout the renovation from start to completion. Working within the guided timeline and budgets.  Guaranteeing that the work is completed to a high standard. Working with a trusted team of Ibician, British & German contractors & high end suppliers. The contractors offer their local knowledge & expertise. Generous contractor discounts on materials which are best suited to the island, the property location & the building itself.